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We want to take the ‘huh?’ out of blogging and WordPress.

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If you have ever asked yourself:

  • How can I start a blog?
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  • How do I start a blog that makes money?

StartBloggingPros.com is your one-stop source for all things blogging!

We are a team of bloggers, WordPress builders, content marketers, and digital media mavens providing free blogging resources to help you start a WordPress blog and run it like a pro. StartBloggingPros is brought to you by Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute.com.

Starting A Blog: Blogging Frequently Asked Questions

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At StartBloggingPros.com, you will free blogging guides, courses and information.

We aim to provide beginner-friendly guides and resources that are easy to understand, informative and helpful.

How To Start A Blog – This is our ultimate guide to starting a WordPress blog that will have you up and running with a self-hosted blog in just minutes!

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StartBloggingPros Courses – Learn blogging, SEO, social media marketing, Pinterest marketing and more, as a student of our self-paced online courses.

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free blogging course startbloggingpros.com
free blogging course startbloggingpros.com

free blogging course startbloggingpros.com

Q: What Is A Blog? How’s It Different From A Website?

A: A blog is a series of articles on a website, frequently updated with new information. Blogs can be about anything, and often are monetized and used as a way for the writer to earn income, while sharing their opinions, ideas and skills with the world. A blog is still a website, but a website without a blog typically is updated less often.

Q: What Blogging Platform Should I Use?

A: Whether you are a brand new blogger or a seasoned pro, you need to use WordPress.org. It is the most powerful, professional platform, and it allows you every plugin and tool that you need to make money from your blog. It’s free too! WordPress is not difficult to use, and we have step-by-step WordPress guides to help you learn.

Q: How Do I Start A Blog For Cheap?

A: When you are starting out, the only expense that you really need to invest in, is a good web host. Fortunately, this is super affordable, usually less than $3 per month when you take advantage of our web hosting discounts.

Q: What Is A Niche?

A: Your ‘niche’ is the topic that your blog is mainly about. It’s smart to define a niche for your blog and not have too many topics going on. This way, you can define and develop your brand, authority and target reader/customer much easier than if your subject matter were too broad. Enroll in our free niche development course to start growing your niche authority!

Q: How Do Bloggers Make Money?

A: Bloggers make money in a variety of ways, actually! From ad revenue, commissions from affiliate links, brand sponsorships, selling digital products and more! Check out our blog monetization resource to learn all about making money with your blog.